About Us


Fusion Group of Educational Network

We are well established professional educational consultancy giving services to the students to boost and cater to the growing education abroad demand. We are known all over Nepal for its potential to recruit students in pursuance of Education to Australia, USA, Canada, Japan and Korea.

We always feel proud to serve as gateways between students and their internationally acclaimed educations and careers exposure. We believe in improving consultancy standards by adopting rapidly changing working environments. We recognize competitive needs of time and suggests best available choices to our students.

In other words, we are furthering the noble interest of providing high quality and professional advice for those who would like to study abroad.

Our Commitment

We are uprising recruitment agency in international education, committed to advancing the industry through the promotion of best practices, strengthening of global networks, and sharing of insights and analysis on the latest industry trends and data. Our global programme of networking events supports student mobility by connecting international education institutions, student recruitment agents, and relevant service providers.

Our Obligation

We enable students to search, find and apply directly seamlessly to institutions in Japan, Germany and Australia. Our energetic team is available around the clock to facilitate and provide assistance to students in need of consultation. We take pride in providing a convenient one-stop solution for students including but not limited to the entire study abroad value chain, starting from helping students find the best-fit university and program, Student Visa Processing, Reserving Accommodation, Booking Flights, to helping students settle down in a foreign country.